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Observatory of Creative Spaces

Image by Jezael Melgoza

Creative Sectors

The City of Morelia, in addition to having a double designation by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site (1991) and Creative City of Music (2017), is home to one of the most diverse ranges of creative and cultural expressions in the world. country. For this reason, the local government, through the Secretariat of Culture, offers this Observatory of Creative Spaces to the public with the intention of making visible the multifaceted and creative vocation of the city, as well as providing a platform for the dissemination and promotion of spaces and projects that position the city of Morelia as one of the cultural pillars of the country.​

Image by Leo Wieling


  • Live musical performances

  • Music edition

  • Phonographic production

Image by Anna Kolosyuk

Visual Arts

  • Plastic arts

  • Photography

  • Graphic arts and ilustration

Image by Fabian Friedrich

Performing Arts & Artistic Shows

  • Theater

  • Dance

  • Other performing arts

Image by Jeremy Yap

Audiovisual & Radio

  • Film industry & video

  • Radio

  • Television

  • On-line games

  • Videogames

Image by Chris Lawton

Books & publications

  • Books

  • Periodic publications

  • Libraries

Image by Kenny Eliason

Cultural Education

  • Non formal education 

  • Formal education

Image by Balázs Kétyi


  • Architectural

  • Industrial or product

  • Graphic

  • Textile

  • Fashion

  • Jewerly

  • Publicitary

  • Web design

Image by Miguel Gonzalez

Intangible Heritag

  • Traditional and national holidays

  • Traditional gastronomy

  • Handicrafts

  • Lenguanges

Image by Josué Soto

Tangible Heritage

  • Museums

  • Cultural Historical Archives

  • Immovable assets

  • Movable assets

Image by Susan Holt Simpson

Games & Toys

  • Games & toys

Image by Laurentiu Morariu


  • High temperature pottery

  • Artistic blacksmithing

  • Textile

  • Jewelry & accessories

  • Stonework

  • Lacquered wood

  • Chandelier

  • Feather art

Explore Morelia in a creative way! Learn the routes we disigned for you
Image by Jezael Melgoza

Geolocated Creative Spaces

Do you have or manage a creative space? Help us to know it!
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