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Mariachi Juvenil Galleros

Music Discipline


Phone number

443 205 0666

Mariachi Juvenil Galleros was born from the dream of two young people with extensive musical experience, to form an innovative mariachi rescuing regional Mexican music and wearing the costume with pride and respect. With members of the best mariachis in Michoacan, Mariachi Juvenil Galleros guarantees quality music with the best repertoire in genres such as: rancheras, sones, polkas, boleros, classical music, huapango ballads, among others.
descendants of a family of mariachi musicians Juan Carlos Ayala and Juan Herrejon continue with the musical legacy characterized by their responsibility and seriousness as well as the quality of their work.

Vision: Rescue regional Mexican music and interpret it in the best way, wearing the suit with pride and joy.

Mission: Perform a wide repertoire of regional Mexican music, preserving the already traditional songs as well as innovating in contemporary music with a "fresh" environment where you and your family can enjoy your event to the fullest.

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