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México en sus cantares

Musical Discipline

Ancient Traditional Mexican Music

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The México en sus Cantares group was formed in October 2022, by musicians from the Morelia and Pátzcuaro cultural regions, with the aim of disseminating, through educational concerts, not only traditional Mexican music (as other groups already do), but also specific, that which has been significant in historical moments, representative of a cultural and musical movement in the history of our state and country; or representative of a particular region.

The five members are musicians and singers with extensive experience in various musical styles, from chamber music, opera, fighting, to music in indigenous languages ​​of a pre-Hispanic nature, viceregal repertoire, ancient Mexican popular music (that which was the domain of the public in the past centuries, such as during the French intervention) and traditional country, ranchero and bravío music.

During concerts and participation in events, each block of music is distinguished because its members change costumes according to the era of the pieces they will perform. And each song or melody is anticipated by a brief anecdote, a story, a legend that takes the listener to travel in time, or transports them to the atmosphere that originally surrounded or motivated that melody.

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