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Tuna del Distrito Universitario de Michoacán

Music Discipline

Música Tunantil

Phone number 1


Phone number 2

443 463 2222

It was the night of Saturday, March 15, 1997, when the official appointment of "Tuna del Distrito Universitario de Michoacán" was received from the then Secretary of Cultural Diffusion of the UMSNH. The act took place between the pools in the middle of the Callejón del Romance. Since then, the yellow light from the streetlights has illuminated the countless rounds that are held Saturday after Saturday in that same area, filling it with mysticism. But the rounds of the TUDIMICH have not only been heard in the streets of Morelia. On several occasions we have had the opportunity and traveled abroad: Spain (2002, 2004), Italy (2004), Cuba (2012), Chile (2013) and Peru (2015) are countries that we have reached in our wanderings. There we get closer to the old university traditions and share a musical mosaic of our country. We raised the name of Michoacán, and also of Mexico.

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